Thank you!

A big thank you to the vendors, volunteers, shoppers, and school staff who contributed to the success of this event!

Becoming a Vendor

The GHPTO Craft & Vendor Show is a marketplace for arts, crafts, and specialty items. We try to keep the focus on hand-crafted items but do allow a limited number of businesses and direct sales products.

This year, we were excited to move the entire registration process online. Purchases (booth space, vendor lunches, and table rentals) are all tied to the vendor email account. A one-time code will be sent to the email address so no need to remember a password.

All booth purchases will be reviewed by the Germantown Hills PTO, and Vendors will be notified if we are unable to host their business. Vendors will be considered based on product, previous participation, and date of booth purchase.

The GHPTO reserves the right to refuse a Vendor based on their product, and their refund will be given in a timely manner.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for next year's show, please email your business name and a short description of what you sell to

The GHPTO Craft & Vendor Show is a fundraiser for the Germantown Hills School District #69. The money raised goes to directly to support our students through our Teacher and Staff Grant Program.

The event is managed entirely by volunteers associated with the Germantown Hills PTO. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at

Shop Local, support local

Support Local Businesses and Nonprofits While Shopping Indoors!

Shop at the Germantown Hills PTO Craft & Vendor Show 2023 located at 103 Warrior Way, Germantown Hills, Illinois 61548.

The GHPTO Craft & Vendor Show is on Saturday, November 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

List of 2023 Vendors

Baked Goods/Food Crafts

Experience the Delight of Homemade Food Crafts and Baked Goods

Bre's Bees
Elena’s Toffee
Fudge by Brenda
Little Bird Nest LLC
Maurie’s Sugar Shoppe
Young's Popcorn Heaven
Double T's Licorice

Fabric Crafts

Explore a World of Fabric Crafts from Creative Vendors

Brown Bear Crafts
Captain Sewing LLC
Crafty Campers
Creations by Jessica
Creations by the Hook
Darlene Lewis Crafts
Fabric Crafts by Marsha Hermes
Flöff Crochet
Homespun Crafts
Just a Hobby Crafts/The Sewing Room
Kay’s Kreations
Nana Doe's Sewing & Embroidery
Piccadilly Girl
Rise and Shine Designs
Six Grand Stitches
Towels for Tots
WaTurHill Creations

Fashion/Jewelry Crafts

Discover the Artistry of Fashion and Jewelry Crafts

Blue Anchor Boutique
Crafty Grandma
Creative Home Accents
Ethereal Ephemera
Floral Presence
Handmade with Love by Ani
Harvey Quinn Designs
Hidden. Cottage
Jewelry by Szo
Love + Lavender
Midwest Cowgirl Hat Co.
Mila Design Co
MJ’s Badge Reels and more…
Our Little Jewelry Boutique
Penelope Rose Bows & Outfits
Sisters B Creative
T Kaye Creatives

Health & Beauty/Personal Care Crafts

See the Art of Self-Care Can with our Health & Beauty and Personal Care Vendors

Dr. Lori’s Apothecary
Flamingo Soap & Candle Co
iSincerelyWish Candle Co
Sankoty Sustainables

Home Décor Crafts

Find Your Perfect Home Décor Crafts for a Stylish and Cozy Space

Baer Crafts
Bound By Light Art
Candles'n More By Gail
Cornersone Creations and Wellness
Couri Creations
Creative Craft Treasures
Creatively Bonds Crafts
Holly's Homemade Gnomes
James Geodes
Made by Michelle
Nettie's Concreations etc.../Carrie's Crafts
Pastime Favorites
S & D Designs
Seasonal Dragon Fly
The Simple Things
The Duckworks Gift Shoppe
The Kemp Nest
Two Broke Grandma’s
Welcome Home Decorating
Whimsical Craft Emporium

Wood/Metal/Ceramic/Paper/Plastic Crafts

Discover the Artisanal Crafts Collection: Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Paper, Plastic and more!

Baby Got Crafts
Cheri's Ceramics
Clarks Crafts
Crafts by Tom Alberts & Sandra Micklos
Creative Cups and More
Custom Creations by JoAnn
Dwyers Crafts
G's 3D Trinkets
River Valley Mercantile
Rob’s Woodworking
Rollie's Wood Art
Sawdust Shop
Silver Sparrow
T & C Crafts
Tazewood Creative Works
Thompson Custom Painted Furniture And Signs
Trinkets, Doodads, Baubles & More
XO Maddie Jae

Resale & Services

Experience Convenience and Quality with Our Resale and Services Vendors

Close to My Heary
Color Street
Cutco Kitchen Cutlery
doTERRA Essential Oils
Nu Skin
Pampered Chef
Pink Zebra
Real Time Pain Relief
Tastefully Simple
Thirty-One SPS4U
Usborne Books
Pelvic Love Physiotherapy and Wellness, PLLC

Nonprofit Organizations

Shop for a Cause and Help Nonprofit Organizations!

Friends of Woodford County IL Feral Cats
Illinois Prairie Dist. Public Library
Patriot Soaps
STS Foundation
Boy Scout Troop 165


Treat Yourself to Tasty Food and Drinks While Exploring Over 100 Vendors.

Savory Food

Discover a Savory Food Adventure with Big Papa Jake's and El Paso Mexican Restaurant Food Trucks!

Big Papa Jake's

El Paso Taco Truck

Sweet treats

Experience the ultimate joy of treating yourself to delicious sweets from What's Shakin' and The Sweet Spot Cakery.

The Sweet Spot Cakery

What's Shakin'

Coffee & MORE

Enjoy the invigorating aroma of MadMac's coffee wafting through the Elementary Hallway, enticing you to indulge in a truly exceptional coffee experience.

MadMac's Coffee

Show Maps & Vendor Locations

Stay up-to-date with the latest location maps for our craft show vendors. Kindly take note that the maps and vendors are subject to change. To see the most current maps, please visit this page.

*Locations and Vendors Subject to Change*

Locations by Vendor Name

2 Crazy Chix Crafts | Yellow - Commons
Baby Got Crafts | Purple - Elementary Main
Baer Crafts | Red - West Gym
Blue Anchor Boutique | Red - West Gym
Bound By Light Art | Green - JDS Gym
Bre's Bees | Red - West Gym
Brown Bear Crafts | Green - JDS Gym
Candles'n More By Gail | Red - West Gym
Captain Sewing LLC | Green - JDS Gym
Carrie's Crafts/Nettie's Concreations | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Cheri's Ceramics | Yellow - Commons
Clarks Crafts | Yellow - Commons
Close to My Heart | Green - JDS Gym
Color Street | Green - JDS Gym
Cornersone Creations and Wellness | Yellow - Commons
Couri Creations | Purple - Elementary Main
Crafts by Tom Alberts & Sandra Micklos | Red - West Gym
Crafty Campers | Red - West Gym
Crafty Dabber | Green - JDS Gym
Crafty Grandma | Green - JDS Gym
Creations by Jessica | Green - JDS Gym
Creations by the Hook | Yellow - Commons
Creative Craft Treasures | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Creative Cups and More | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Creative Home Accents | Yellow - Commons
Creatively Bonds Crafts | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Custom Creations by JoAnn | Red - West Gym
Cutco Kitchen Cutlery | Red - West Gym
Darlene Lewis Crafts | Green - JDS Gym
doTERRA Essential Oils | Green - JDS Gym
Double T's Licorice | Red - West Gym
Dr. Lori’s Apothecary | Green - JDS Gym
Duckworks Gift Shoppe | Red - West Gym
Dwyers Crafts | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Elena’s Toffee | Green - JDS Gym
Ethereal Ephemera | Green - JDS Gym
Ever Connected | Green - JDS Gym
Exchange Students STS Foundation | Yellow - Commons
Expressions By Jin | Green - JDS Gym
Fabric Crafts by Marsha Hermes | Red - West Gym
Fancy Girl | Purple - Elementary Main
Flamingo Soap & Candle Co | Red - West Gym
Flöff Crochet | Green - JDS Gym
Floral Presence | Yellow - Commons
French Pastries | Green - JDS Gym
Friends of Woodford County IL Feral Cats | Purple - Elementary Main
Fudge by Brenda | Green - JDS Gym
GreyTulipStudio | Purple - Elementary Main
G's 3D Trinkets | Green - JDS Gym
Handmade with Love by Ani | Red - West Gym
Harvey Quinn Designs | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Hidden Cottage | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Holly's Homemade Gnomes | Yellow - Commons
Homespun Crafts | Green - JDS Gym
iSincerelyWish Candle Co | Green - JDS Gym
James Geodes | Yellow - Commons
Jewelry by Szo | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Just a Hobby Crafts/The Sewing Room | Red - West Gym
Kay’s Kreations | Green - JDS Gym
Kemp Nest | Green - JDS Gym
KnotsByAshlyn | Purple - Elementary Main
LipSense | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Little Bird Nest LLC | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Love + Lavender | Green - JDS Gym
Made by Michelle | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Maurie’s Sugar Shoppe | Purple - Elementary Main
Midwest Cowgirl Hat Co. | Green - JDS Gym
Mila Design Co | Green - JDS Gym
MJ’s Badge Reels and more… | Red - West Gym
Nana Doe's Sewing & Embroidery | Yellow - Commons
Norwex | Green - JDS Gym
Nu Skin | Red - West Gym
Old Fashion Crafts | Red - West Gym
Our Little Jewelry Boutique | Green - JDS Gym
Pampered Chef | Green - JDS Gym
Pasttime Favorites | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Patriot Soaps | Yellow - Commons
Pelvic Love Physiotherapy and Wellness, PLLC | Red - West Gym
Penelope Rose Bows & Outfits | Green - JDS Gym
Piccadilly Girl | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Pink Zebra | Green - JDS Gym
Prairie Dist. Public Library | Yellow - Commons
Real Time Pain Relief | Green - JDS Gym
River Valley Mercantile | Green - JDS Gym
Rob’s Woodworking | Orange - Multipurpose Room
Rollie's Wood Art | Yellow - Commons
S & D Designs | Red - West Gym
Sankoty Sustainables | Green - JDS Gym
Sawdust Shop | Green - JDS Gym
Scentsy | Purple - Elementary Main
Seasonal Dragon Fly | Yellow - Commons
Silver Sparrow | Green - JDS Gym
Sisters B Creative | Green - JDS Gym
Six Grand Stitches | Red - West Gym
Sue’s Crafts | Red - West Gym
T & C Crafts | Orange - Multipurpose Room
T Kaye Creatives | Green - JDS Gym
Tastefully Simple | Yellow - Commons
Tazewood Creative Works | Red - West Gym
The Simple Things | Green - JDS Gym
Thirty-One SPS4U | Red - West Gym
Thompson Custom Painted Furniture And Signs | Green - JDS Gym
Towels for Tots | Red - West Gym
Trinkets, Doodads, Baubles & More | Yellow - Commons
Tupperware | Green - JDS Gym
Two Broke Grandmas | Red - West Gym
Usborne Books | Green - JDS Gym
WaTurHill Creations | Red - West Gym
Welcome Home Decorating | Green - JDS Gym
Whimsical Craft Emporium | Yellow - Commons
XO Maddie Jae | Yellow - Commons
Young's Popcorn Heaven | Green - JDS Gym
ZelaZola | Orange - Multipurpose Room

Event Parking Map