Fundraising Events

Some of our events are fun with the added benefit of raising money for our sponsored events, teacher grant fulfillment, and for extra teacher classroom funds.

Craft Show

The Annual Craft and Vendor Show brings a variety of unique vendors in from all over the state- and beyond! 2023 will mark 44th time this event has been held at our school. Shopping these small businesses helps support these small businesses and our school!

Fall Book Fair

Our Fall Scholastic Book Fair is an exciting time for our students! We create a fun week of new books and introducing them to new authors. We earn 55% of every purchase in Scholastic Dollars that we use to purchase new books for the library and classrooms.

On-Site Food Events

We coordinate on-site food fundraising events at least once per year. Whether it is for dinner or a treat, buying from these events contributes to our fundraising goals.


The PTO Parents Night Out is a fun event where your child gets to spend a few hours with us--- watching movies, eating snacks, playing games, and doing crafts--- and you get those hours to go out or stay in, whatever you feel like doing!

Restaurant Nights

The restaurant nights we coordinate are events where we promote a local restaurant on a particular day and the restaurant donates back a set percentage of sales to us to go towards our fundraising goals. The local restaurants are able to form closer ties to the community and our supporters are able to enjoy a delicious meal!

Trivia Night

Trivia Night is one of the most laugh-filled battle-of-random-knowledge fundraisers we've ever had. If you like food, friends and a bit of friendly competition- this event is for you!