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2021 Fall Book Fair

The 2021 Fall Scholastic Book Fair was our most successful yet! Although our total fair sales were $600 less than our all-time biggest total (2019 BOGO Grandparents Day), we earned 3 times as many Scholastic Dollars! (The Buy One, Get One Free is our reward for the most part.) We use the Scholastic Dollars to purchase books for the classrooms, library, and for virtual author visits.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to their teacher! They were so excited to pick out new books for their classrooms thanks to your amazing generosity!

Total Fair Sales: $16,198*

Total Scholastic Dollar Rewards: $8,555

*We collected $17,386, including sales tax.

Book fair as a fundraiser

Our fall book fairs are a very important part of our fundraising efforts! We use the Scholastic Dollars we earn (55% of our total sales) to buy new books for the library and for the classrooms. We typically earn enough to purchase 1,000 new books for our school!

Spring BOGO Book Fair

Our spring Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair is not a fundraiser- it is a thank you for all of the support we receive during our Fall Book Fair. This fair is usually held the last part of April or early May- perfect for stocking up on summer reading material! We just held our very first BOGO fair during the summer- and we had nearly $7,000 in sales (or almost $14,000 worth of books!)