Some of Our Achieved Goals

Author Visits

Author visits are one of the most profoundly enriching experiences we are able to provide our students. They not only encourage our students to read for fun, but they also encourage creativity, and even inspire perseverance.

3D Printer

The PTO was able to provide a 3D printer to the Student Technology Lab where students were able to create, and then print, their own 3D digital designs. Combining design, creativity, electronics, and coding has been an excellent way to encourage STEAM learning with our students!

Book Binding Machine

A new addition to our school for the 2021-2022 school year, is the Cover One book binding repair machine. We were able to earn enough Scholastic Dollars through our first ever Spring Virtual Book Fair to make getting this machine possible. Previously, if a book's cover became detached from its spine, the book would have to be repaired manually with book glue and rubber bands. Now we are able to reattach book covers using thermal glue strips. This book binding machine can also be used in the classroom setting to create bound-book creations of their own!

iPads for the Classroom

We have provided multiple iPads for the classrooms of our younger students in Kindergarten and First Grade. The iPads help kids interact with technology while their fine motor skills develop. Using an iPad for educational games and apps has resulted in increased communication and a desire to learn!