Favorite Things

Are you looking for teacher or staff appreciation ideas so you can personalize their gift into something they love? Do you want to pair a gift card purchased through RaiseRight to earn money for the school and give them something they would love to use?

We collected information on their favorite things to help you with some great gift ideas. If you do not see the teacher or staff member's list below, send us an email at ghpto@ghills69.com.

Elementary Teachers & Staff

Elementary K-4

Mrs. VandeSchraaf - Principal

Ms. Fiveland - Office Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Bitner - Office Assistant & Playground Coordinator

Mrs. Poole - Librarian

Mr. Matthews - P.E.

Mrs. Ward - Art

Mrs. Loring - Music

Mrs. Gabriel - Elementary Interventionist

Mrs. Heflin - Literacy Coach

Mrs. Hensley - Counselor

Mrs. Schroeder - Computer Education

Mrs. Bucy - Computer Education

Mrs. Higgins - Teacher Aide

Mrs. Burkhart - Teacher Aide

Mrs. Marcille - Teacher Aide

Mrs. Sanders* - Teacher Aide

Mrs. Langan - Individualized Instructor

Miss Young - Individualized Instructor

Ms. Facker - Individualized Instructor

Mrs. Scott - Individualized Instructor

Mrs. Joos - ECE

*Please send an email to ghpto@ghills69.com for this list.

Middle School Teachers & Staff

Sixth Grade

Ms. Bevard* - English/Language Arts

Ms. Domico* - English/Literature

Ms. Ingold - Science

Mr. Miller - Social Studies

Mrs. Wells - Math

*Please send an email to ghpto@ghills69.com for this list.

Seventh Grade

Ms. Ganson* - Science

Ms. Cox - English/Language Arts

Mrs. Keys - Math

Mr. Laird - Social Studies

Mr. Vaughan - Literature

*Please send an email to ghpto@ghills69.com for this list.

Eighth Grade

Mrs. Harrison - English/Language Arts

Dr. Greer* - Science

Dr. McAllister - Math

Mr. Ringle - English/Language Arts

Mr. Wiles* - Social Studies

*Please send an email to ghpto@ghills69.com for this list.

Middle School 5-8

Ms. Williams - Principal

Mrs. Silverthorn - Office Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Russell - Office Assistant and Purchasing Coordinator

Mrs. Poole - Librarian

Mr. Davis - P.E.

Mrs. Damerell - P.E. Paraprofessional

Mr. Loring - Band

Mrs. Anderson - Vocal Instructor

Mrs. Hensley - Counselor

Mrs. Imhoff - Individualized Instructor

Mrs. Light - Individualized Instructor

Mrs. Lucas - Individualized Instructor

Mrs. Blough - Instructional Aide

*If you do not see the name of the teacher or staff member you are looking for on this list, please send an email to ghpto@ghills69.com.

District Staff


Mr. Rich - Dean of Students

Mrs. Tellor - District Administrative Assistant

Kitchen Staff

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